News & Events

  • New Session Begins on 5th-Apr
  • Baisakhi (Holiday ) on 13th-Apr
  • Staff Lunch on 20st -May
  • Soccer Session begins on 16th -July
  • Independence Day on 15th-Aug
  • Raksha Bandhan on 26th -Aug
  • Janmashtami Celebrations on 31st -Aug
  • Teacher’s Day on 05th-Sept
  • Dusshera (Holiday) on 17th -Oct
  • Deepawali Celebrations on 3rd -Nov
  • Annual Sports on 17th -Nov
  • Christmas (Holiday) on 25th-Dec
  • Republic Day Celebrations on 26th -Jan
  • Maha Shivratri (Holiday) on 4th - March
  • Holi Celebrations on 20th - March
   Founder Vision

The vision of the founder of this school was to inculcate the habit to receive collective wisdom on the Indian cultural concept by the new generation. The education should be value based with stress on Integrated development of a child's personality, emphasis on Indian culture, traditions and offer special counselling ... >>> More
Chairman's Desk

The Himalayan Public School is an institution that has been created with the help, co-operation and advises of many. It has always been my endeavour to make a difference to my home city, Dehradun.

Education is the core of all reforms. It is very important to set the mind frame ... >>> More

  Principal's Desk

Dear Parents/Guardians
Greetings to all on the occasion of ‘The Himalayan’ the 13th edition of our school magazine. It is the combined efforts of students and staff that our school magazine is so enjoyable and informative at the same time. Let me put in on record proudly ... >>> More
   Location Map
Sylvan surroundings and a salubrious climate are coveted trappings for any campus. The area spread over two acres in Dehradun, is the ideal location for the school.
The Himalayan Pubic School is located at Kargi Grant, Banjarawala in the Doon Valley. It is about 250 kms North-East of Delhi and is well connected to the capital by road and rail and now by air. The Himalayan Public School nestles in the Doon Valley with magnificent Garhwal Himalayas to the North and the sal-clothed Shivaliks to the South. On the East and West, the Valley is bound by two of India's most famous rivers, the Ganga and the Yamuna. The climate has three main seasons-the summer heat is confined to mid-April, May and June followed by a long wet monsoon from July to September. The rest of the year is delightful, clear and crisp with December and January temperatures coming down to an average minimum of 7°C.