The Himalayan Public School has been a beacon of excellence in education. Located in Dehradun, we are an independent, co-educational, school with a montessori preschool and divisions till grade 12. Our mission is to developed leaders of character through superior academics and spiritual growth.the heart of our mission is to educate leaders of character who will value and improve the world they inherit. Here in a warm, inclusive culture, every child is known, their God given talents are valued and relationships flourish. Apart from Academics, building character and instilling good values is our main area of focus .The school motto “learn to serve” is adhered to at all times

  • We will commit ourselves as a community to develop the whole person.
  • We will provide an education that will enable students to grow into rounded, confident, happy adults ready to take their place in modern society and to become independent and responsible learners.
  • We will help all students to achieve excellence in every aspect of their lives.
  • We will challenge each individual to reach their potential; spiritually, morally, academically, physically and socially.
  • We will value the partnership which exists between school, parents and community and the vital role it plays in realising our vision.
  • We will equip students for the demands and opportunities of the twenty-first century by offering a differentiated, effective and rigorous curriculum as an entitlement to all that includes a wide range of academic, cultural and
  • sporting activities. In a disciplined, safe and caring environment, based on mutual respect, each student will be
    valued as an individual

Our Aim

"Learn to serve"

The school’s motto ‘Learn to Serve’ strongly believes that each individual should pay his service first to Almighty the ‘Guru’. Each individual should learn to serve nature (both outside and inside us). Service towards parents, school, our community, teachers and every living being around us can only make us a responsible citizen. The school’s primary teaching prepares each individual to serve the country before oneself.



Make God the center of school life through assemblies retreats and value education.

Prioritize humanity and culture in designing systems and environments .

Ensure that our students develop both the skills that a sound education provides and the
competencies essential for success