It is no secret that physical activity is necessary to a person’s well-being. Since children are continuously developing physically and emotionally, they are especially affected by the benefits of activity and inversely, the negative effects of inactivity.

It is vital that the students be provided with physical education programs to ensure they stay active. Regular activity in school is strongly associated with higher concentration levels as well as more directed, composed behavior.

At The Himalayan Public school, we provide many opportunities for students to take part in team games or solo skills. Students of all ages and abilities are encouraged to take part in sporting activities, to learn about teamwork, fitness and the value of sports in life. We believe that games and sports help in character building and essential life skills.

Complete development of a child is believed to be an area of utmost importance. Keeping this in mind the school has catered for an array of sports and games, besides other facilities. The time table of each class is planned in such a way that various skills of the children be enhanced in the fields.

The school is facilitated with a large playground for sport such as cricket and football and other athletic events. Besides the playground, the school caters to tennis and basketball court where children practice under the supervision of a coach. Regular inter-house and interschool matches are held, creating a feeling of healthy competition amongst children. For younger children sack race, lemon spoon race and other interesting athletic events are included in the daily schedule. Taekwondo classes as well as classical dance classes are integrated into the timetable of middle school, with a special time slot. Regular sports classes at school create excitement amongst children, who look forward to this time for a break from their busy academic schedule. The school has won Laurels in Taekwondo